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Salty Savings gets your business in front of more consumers!

You don't sell, we don't get paid. 

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The Shops

Salty Savings Nonprofit Corporation provides services for local businesses by advertising and promoting their shops or restaurants, selling their items, and providing special deals to patrons.

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The Situation

Our Nonprofit Corporation helps local businesses in the local communities they serve.  We raise money by providing deals to consumers.

We operate on commission - so we only charge stores based on how well we sell your store's items.  There are no hidden costs!

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2 Step Process

Step 1. You tell us item info that you want listed on Salty Savings.

Step 2.  Once you are notified of a purchase order, ship the items.  

Step 3.
  Get paid monthly for what you sold!  

That's it!  We do the rest!

Salty Savings Nonprofit Corporation Helps Increase:


Wider Reach
From surrounding towns

Increase #
More Locals +
Gross-Generational Awareness


Increase the $ Bill
Larger Purchase Size
More Celebrations

People Spend More Each Time
+$20 - $40 More!


Customers Return
Increase Loyalty
You Become
Their "Go-To" Place

More Visits, More Often
1x Visit  Becomes 3+ Visits

Some of the Complimentary Services that Salty Savings Non-Profit Organization Provides to Help Local Businesses for Free:

  • We Get Your Business Name Out For Free

  • We Provide Your Discounts To More People At No Cost to You

  • We Do the Work for You Without Charging You Anything

“It's such a simple process!  Salty Savings asked me what I want to sell.


I don't pay if I don't sell anything!  They take a small commission of my sales as their payment.  

I can't wait to be part of your journey and wish you all the success.”

— Cindy S., Northern NJ

“People's checks have been higher, not because I increased prices, but because they want to reach their minimum of spending $50 in order to get the free shipping.  I can tell you that they hardly ever stop at $50 but usually overestimate on what they order just to be safe and make sure, and the bill winds up being closer to $100.”

— James D., Ocean County, NJ

Advertise For Free, You only Pay Commission on What You Sell
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