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Restaurants Choose Us Because
We Are A Free Service and We Increase $ Sales


Wider Reach
From surrounding towns

Increase #
More Locals +
Gross-Generational Awareness


Increase the $ Bill
Larger Table Size
More Family Celebrations

Increase $ Ring
People Spend More Each Time
+$20 - $40 More Per Table


Patrons Return
Increase Loyalty
You Become Their "Go-To" Place

More Visits, More Often
1x Visit  Becomes 3+ Visits

How You Can Increase $ Sales:

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The Coupons

Salty Savings provides coupons to your patrons to use only when their bill reaches a required minimum $ amount  (you determine the minimum required $ purchase amount).

Our main service is providing coupons to consumers to use in your restaurant.  An example of a typical coupon would be $10 Off $50 Minimum Purchase.  You determine the coupon amount and the minimum required purchase amount of your liking.  All you need to do is redeem Salty Savings coupons when patrons spend the required minimum amount!

Our services are free for restaurants.

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The Situation

The last several years have been very challenging to many small or family-owned restaurants.  The top contributing factors are current inflationary trends, the rising costs of food and salaries, and less customer household income.  

We are a local, family-owned business as well.  We can help you mitigate these challenging factors.  This can be accomplished by advertising and providing your link on our website, promotion through social media and print media. We help increase your $ sales by promoting awareness, reaching more people nearby and homes farther away, and engaging with more new consumers.
Our services will help bring more awareness to consumers, and we can help get them to visit you more frequently and spend more per visit. 

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The Process

Step 1. You determine the required minimum bill to use Salty Savings Coupons

Step 2. When Salty Savings Patrons come in & dine at your restaurant, ensure they spend at least the required minimum before subtracting coupon amount from their total bill.

That's it!  We do the rest!

The best part?  You're not paying twice (first, the fees charged by other promotion companies and second, the coupon redemption value).  We are not charging restaurants any fees to participate!   And there are no hidden costs. 

We look forward to partnering with you, and growing our businesses together!


“I own a local restaurant.  Since signing up with Salty Savings, I have seen new customers come into my place, even on my slow days!  I also have less "leftover" unused food, less spoilage, so my costs have gone down.


Plus, I don't have to do anything other than redeem coupons!  Thank you for providing this service to restaurants, it's really helped grow my business in more ways than one.  I will be a longtime partner of Salty Savings.

— Cindy S., Northern NJ

“People's checks have been higher, not because I increased prices, but because they want to reach their minimum of spending $50 in order to get the $10 off.  I can tell you that they hardly ever stop at $50 but usually overestimate on what they order just to be safe and make sure the coupon will come off, and the bill winds up being closer to $70.”

— James D., Ocean County, NJ

Find Out More

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