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Our Story

Here's our theory: if we each contribute just a little bit to the fabric of local communities, the result would be that together we all would help a lot.  

Salty Savings is a national non-profit organization helping communities that have suffered a devastation and are in need.  We raise money by providing promotional discounts & coupons for local restaurants to consumers.  We do not charge local businesses for our services.  All marketing, advertising, promoting, and couponing is done for freeBy using Salty Savings nonprofit discounts, consumers are helping communities in need while saving $ at the same time.
Why would we want to provide these services for free?  Regardless of anyone’s background, education, wealth or career path we all have two things in common:  we are all part of a community and we are all consumers.
Two years of pandemic lock-down followed by the rising cost of everything from food to goods to home services, are having a profound effect on all communities.  We decided something needed to be done.
So we started Salty Savings - a national organization dedicated to  local communities, inclusive of residents and local businesses alike. 
Locally owned businesses are part of the fabric of all communities.  The owners of these local businesses are our family and friends just like you.  They have felt the serious effects of the last three years.  While larger businesses such as national and regional chain stores have also been impacted, they have more resources and more capital to weather the financial chaos that has ensued.  
Our thought in forming Salty Savings was that if everything became more affordable, people would be more inclined to purchase.  If we could provide a way to combat inflation just a little, then it wouldn’t be such a hardship for people to do everyday things such as going out to eat, dry cleaning your suit, calling a plumber to fix a leak.  
The result?  People would be more inclined to purchase, and that, in turn, would help the local businesses and local economies thrive.  
So, by each of us spending just a little, together we help a lot.  And the cycle of saving while helping local businesses and communities thrive can continue unending.
What do we do here at Salty Savings?  Consider us a conduit to this cycle.  We help by marketing, advertising and promoting your locally owned businesses - the same businesses that you frequent - by helping them spread their word to you and to people in neighboring communities.  And we provide these services at no charge to local businesses.    
We also volunteer by helping local businesses promote by working together with them to create discounts that can be used by you - the customer - when frequenting these businesses.  
These discounts will vary from business to business and change on a regular basis.  They can be obtained at our online shop ( via our simple online ordering form.  While the discounts are free, we ask that you kindly contribute a donation of at least ONE DOLLAR for every discount ordered, to help defray operating expenses.

Spend a little; help a lot.  Maybe our theory can work!  It’s worth a try!  What do you think?

our story

Get in touch so we can start working together.   Business join for free. No credit card or financial information needed to participate!  You don't even share that information with us! It's super easy.

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