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Our Story

We Support Local Businesses In Local Communities

Remember when you didn’t spend so much money on gas for your vehicle?  And when you went out to dinner to celebrate even the small things with everyone?


At Salty Savings Corporation, we provide you with coupons to locally-owned restaurants; cash taken off your bill.


With today's economy and gas prices through the roof, we help Americans make ends meet.   


Our goal is to help everyone for the greater good.  How do we do this?  

We help you, our friends, families, and fellow customers save cash, so that you have more money leftover. 


We help communities by promoting locally owned businesses and encouraging local spending.


And we contribute to the fabric of society by only charging restaurants a minimal monthly service fee of $20 for our services, and by donating to numerous organizations.  

All it takes is a willingness for us all to unite and try, for us all to trust just a little.  It's a small price to pay for greater economic freedom for our future.  Trust us to help you enjoy more carefree moments living your best life.

our story

Get in touch so we can start working together.   Business join for free prior to April 15th, 2023. No credit card or financial information needed to participate before April 15th, 2023!  You don't even share that information with us! It's super easy.

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